Beaverton City Council, Position 3

Re-Elect Mark Fagin

May 17, 2016


My Priorities for 2016 and Beyond

Continue Developing our Local Economy

Our economy is better than it was four years ago.  As a councilor, I have worked hard to improve our business environment.  I’ve pushed for incentives for local businesses to expand in Beaverton with the goal of increasing jobs.  I believe the city must prioritize actively creating and maintaining jobs within our city.

The visible landscape of Beaverton’s downtown is changing for the better.  During my time on the Council, we approved moving City Hall.  We worked with downtown business and property owners to start the award-winning Beaverton Downtown Association.  We invested in storefront improvement expansion programs.  We have also helped encourage the first downtown housing investments in over a decade that will result in nearly 300 new homes being completed this year, including affordable housing for seniors.

Common Sense Solutions for Transportation

Solving transportation problems is front and center on my agenda.  Beaverton residents say time and again that traffic is Beaverton’s number one issue.  There is no “magic solution” to all our transportation challenges, so we need well-rounded approaches.

I’ve studied our transportation issues and will continue advocating for our City.  I will fight for transportation dollars and attention to Beaverton’s needs, including road improvements, better intersection designs, smart signal systems, completed bike and safe pedestrian routes.  Moving cars, bikes and people through our city safely and efficiently is my goal.

Responsibly Fulfill the Community Vision

Great things are happening in Beaverton and our future looks bright.  We have great neighborhoods, businesses, schools and parks, and a fantastic reputation for public safety, livability, and sustainability.  As a city leader, I know my job is to listen to our residents and invest in the things that build on our strengths and address our weaknesses.

City Council adopted an update to our Community Vision in February of this year.  The plan includes many actions that will enhance areas where our community thrives and helps community members in need.  It’s a fantastic action plan and with the help of our partners, we will bring this action plan to life.

Thank you for your support!  This work cannot be accomplished alone.  Together we can build on Beaverton’s strengths overcome our challenges and continue the proud tradition of our great city!